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We are so looking forward to kicking off the season with you this winter!

Our snowmaking team has been hard at work, but with the variable forecast this week, we are shifting our anticipated opening day for skiing and riding to Friday, December 4, 2020.

At this time, Friday – Sunday, December 4-6, 2020 access to the mountain will be for those who have a season pass or are using the first day free of their Frequent Skier Card. Availability of additional tickets including e-tickets and Frequent Skier Card reloads will be determined based upon conditions and availability of terrain next week.

These measures are in place for everyone’s health and safety — thank you for your patience and understanding.

Operational Updates Ticketing – capacities may be limited.

  • Advanced purchase online is required for all lift tickets, lessons, and rentals.
  • The availability of tickets, lessons, or rentals for purchase at the mountain is not guaranteed, and you may not be able to ski without a pre-purchased ticket.
  • Once you have an RFID-enabled SKI3 Card (one of our lift tickets), it can be reloaded for future visits online for convenient direct-to-lift access at any of our resorts; Gore, Whiteface, and Belleayre.
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2020/21 Same Day Tickets

Lift Ticket RatesAdultTeen/65+Junior70+6 & under
1 Day$115$90$70$50$10
2 Day$207$162$126$100$20
3 Day$311$243$189$150$30
4 Day$414$324$252$200$40
5 Day$518$405$315$250$50
Gift Card
Lift ticket rates are based on, on-site day of purchase price.
For the 2020/21 Season all lift tickets must be purchased online 24 hours in advance.
Peak Season: Ages: Adult: 20-64 | Junior: 7-12 | Teen: 13-19 | Senior: 65-69


Early & Late 2020/21 Same Day Tickets

Lift Ticket RatesAdultTeen/65+Junior70+6 & under
1 Day$100$80$65$50$10
2 Day$200$160$126$100$20
3 Day$300$240$189$150$30
4 Day$400$320$252$200$40
5 Day$500$400$315$250$50
Gift Card
Lift ticket rates are based on, on-site day of purchase price.
For the 2020/21 Season all lift tickets must be purchased online 24 hours in advance.
Peak Season: Ages: Adult: 20-64 | Junior: 7-12 | Teen: 13-19 | Senior: 65-69

Other Rates

Military Discount

Whiteface offers a free Frequent Skier Card for qualifying military guests! With saving of 50% off of mid-week non-holiday lift tickets and 25% off of weekends & holidays.

Active US* or Canadian Military, or immediate family of; or US Military Veterans**. Valid military ID designating active or retired status is required, either in the form of a CAC Card, DOD Form 1173, or DD Form 214.

*Includes US Military members and the dependents of the deployed military in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard, as well as members of the US Reserves and National Guard.

**Includes any retired US Military members from the above categories that have been honorably discharged.

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Bear Den Mountain Lift Tickets

For guests planning on skiing exclusively at Bear Den Mountain—our dedicated learning area—we offer 1-day window tickets at the following rates. These tickets are valid for Bunny Hutch Lift and Coyote Cruiser lift access only (not valid on Mixing Bowl lift).

Half-Day Tickets

Want to sleep in or have a leisurely breakfast? Whiteface offers half-day lift tickets starting at 12:30 pm each day.


RFID Technology

ORDA was pleased to introduce RFID Technology for the 2019/2020 Winter Season. This will eliminate the need for guests to present their lift ticket or Season Pass to a lift attendant prior to loading all base area lifts. RFID Cards can be reloaded via a home computer or smartphone and can be used season after season.

How does it work?

The cards use RFID technology to notify gates at each base lift to open when you approach. This eliminates the need for the lift operator to scan your ticket. Simply place your RFID Direct-to-Lift Card/Pass in a jacket or pants pocket and the gate will open as long as you have days loaded onto the card. If you don’t have any days remaining on your card, you can load more days at any time either online or at a ticket window.

How to use your SKI3 card

Your Season Pass, Frequent Skier Card, or Lift Ticket will be encrypted onto a SKI3 Card with an RFID chip inside.
Place your SKI3 Card in a jacket pocket by itself, between shoulder and waist height.
The access gates at the lifts will read your SKI3 Card and open automatically if valid for that day.
Skip the ticket window and go directly from your car to the lifts, without having to present your SKI3 Card to attendants.
Reload your SKI3 Card online and use it for several years! This reduces waste and adds convenience for you.


Refund Policy

Refunds are not available for any reason. Skiing and snowboarding are outdoor sports that are often affected by changing weather and snow conditions. When purchasing lift passes, please consider the weather, (both recent and forecasted), and the possibility of fatigue, personal injury, or sickness. Multi-day tickets include 1 extra day of usage time to allow for scheduling / inclement weather. Multi-day rentals are for consecutive days only.

Snow Guarantee

Refunds are not available for any reason. While we strive to present an exceptional experience and snow product at all times, there may be days where uncontrollable factors come into play.

If you find that surface conditions are not to your satisfaction, you have one hour from the time your lift ticket was issued to return to guest services and receive a voucher for another day of skiing and riding at whiteface. Not valid for select promotions, Snowsport School Programs, classes, or private lessons.


Why are we using RFID technology, A.K.A. SKI3 Cards?

There are many benefits to RFID technology. First and foremost, it gives hands-free access to our lifts. Once you have your RFID-enabled SKI3 Card, you can reload additional days online eliminating any stopping at the ticket window. Your SKI3 Card will last multiple seasons, this way you can simply reload your ticket or pass and use it season after season. So don’t throw it away!

Is RFID new?

RFID is a proven technology that’s been around since the 1970s. Until recently, it’s been too expensive and too limited to be practical for many commercial applications. As it becomes more affordable to manufacture tags/cards, RFID will likely be used to overcome many of the problems associated with bar code scanning. Radio waves travel through most non-metallic materials, so they can be embedded in protective plastic, like our SKI3 Cards, for weather-proofing and greater durability.

What is a SKI3 card?

The RFID-enabled SKI3 Card replaced our traditional lift tickets, Season Passes, and Frequent Skier Cards and has a small RFID chip integrated into the card. When you pass through the lift line, the chip will register and open the lift access gate automatically. All guests loading the lift will need a SKI3 Card.

Where should I carry my RFID direct-to-lift card/pass?

Keep your SKI3 Card in a jacket or pants pocket, between knee and shoulder height. This will help the gate’s antenna pick up your signal clearly and allow for a smooth loading process. You do not need to remove the access card from your pocket for scanning. Many jackets have a small pocket in an arm sleeve or around the waistline specifically designed for RFID cards.

It is important not to have more than one SKI3 Card on you, as they will all be scanned when you go through the gate and validated for that day. PLEASE keep the card away from credit cards, cell phones, iPods and all other electronic devices that may interfere with signal transmission.

Are SKI3 cards transferable?

No, as always, passes and tickets are not transferable. The lift attendants will see your picture as you pass through the gates.

Can I punch a hole in my SKI3 card?

No. Holes or other physical alterations should not be made to SKI3 Cards, as damage to the RFID antenna or connections in the card could occur. If your SKI3 Card is damaged, a replacement fee may be charged.


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