Black & White trail map of Whiteface with Uphill Routes A, B, C, D.

3/25/2021 | 2:45 pm

Route: Due to current weather and conditions, the Uphill Program has closed for the season.

Today’s Trails:

*Uphill skiing can be suspended at any time. Follow instructions of Ski Patrol or Mountain Operations.

You must:

  • Sign in with Ski Patrol at the Base Lodge each time you participate.
  • Have an uphill pass displayed.
  • Stay on the prescribed route.
  • If on the same trail as a groomer or snowmobile, stop in a safe location visible from above and below. Wait for the groomer or snowmobile to pass. Never ski past a snowmobile or groomer.
  • Follow instructions from Ski Patrol and Mountain Operations personnel.

Going up? Yield to downhill skiers.
Going down? Always ski in control. Avoid uphill climbers.


2020/21 Season Operation | Starting January 6, 2021  | Wednesdays, Fridays & Saturdays | 6:00 am – 8:00 am

The best way for many skiers and riders to start their day is with “dawn patrol” — getting up at the crack of dawn, skinning up the mountain by headlamp, watching the sunrise over the mountain and getting first tracks down a superbly groomed run.

Whiteface Mountain recognizes the enjoyment and increased popularity of uphill resort and backcountry skiing and we would like to supply terrain for skiers to enjoy and also train for more challenging backcountry adventures.

Anyone who wishes to access Whiteface via uphill travel during non-operating hours MUST have a Whiteface Uphill Pass.

The Uphill Program will run three days a week, every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday (conditions permitting).

Uphill Program Season Passes are available for purchase in person at the Main Ticket desk, during business hours, on Janaury 1st and after. Day passes are available for purchase online.

Uphill Routes & Map

The specific daily route will be determined each morning, based on conditions and weather.

We ask that all participants sign in each day at Ski Patrol and present your 2020/2021 Uphill Season Pass at this time. There are no exceptions to this, and it is a requirement that will be strictly enforced.

All participants need to follow the guidelines of the program and the prescribed daily route. Those who are not using the prescribed daily route risk having their pass revoked.

  • Always be sure to check current weather and conditions reports.
  • Always check-in with Whiteface Ski Patrol before ascending.
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Uphill Guidelines


  • I understand that uphill skiing is not permitted during daytime lift operations.
  • I understand that that uphill skiing starts no earlier than 6:00 am and ends at 8:30 am or when the lifts are open for downhill skiers. There is no climbing between the hours of 8:30 am and 6:00 am the next day. Whiteface reserves the right to close the ski area to uphill traffic without advanced notice (Check website for earlier closing notice).
  • I will check in at Medical Services Area (Ski Patrol) before ascending every morning.
  • I will adhere to daily uphill instructions and follow all instructions and directions of Whiteface employees.
  • I understand that I can only use skis or snowboards. Foot traffic, sleds, or other snow toys are not permitted.
  • I understand that only designated routes are open for uphill skiing (ascending and descending). All other routes and ski trails are considered closed.
  • I understand that route signage signifies which side is for uphill travel and which side is for downhill travel.
  • At check-in, I will confirm the route and I understand that all other trails are closed to uphill and downhill skiing traffic.
  • I am aware that snowmaking may be in progress and that grooming machines and snowmobiles are actively traveling throughout the ski area.
  • I understand that I need to constantly be aware of grooming machines, winch cables, snowmobiles, ATVs, trucks, other skiers, riders, and other exposures typical of an operating ski area and which may be on the mountain.
  • I will avoid groomers, snowmobiles, snowmaking equipment, and all other ongoing operations at the ski area.
  • I understand that I must have a 2020/21 Uphill Season Pass (Pass must be purchased before ascending, no exceptions).
  • I understand that a 2020/21 Uphill Season Pass can be purchased for $129 ($59 for 2020/21 Season Passholders) and is valid for the designated program days (published on the website here) through the end of the lift serviced ski season. Season Pass holders must also hold this pass. The Uphill Season Pass does not provide lift access.
  • Users are required to wear reflective clothing and a light that is visible from any direction.
  • I understand that the Uphill Season Pass should be visible and available upon request by any Whiteface employee while climbing or skiing. Uphill climbing without a pass may result in me being removed from the property.
  • I understand that I may not cross a winch cable on a trail. If I come across a winch cable, I must turn around immediately and start the descent to base lodge using the authorized return route.
  • I understand that If I am asked by a Whiteface employee to leave an area, I must comply immediately.
  • Other than Medical Services Area entrance and associated bathrooms, I will not enter any buildings.
  • I understand that pets are not permitted at any time.
  • Whiteface Mountain Ski Center has administrative use of the ski area land. Whiteface reserves the right to modify or terminate this program at any time.
  • I understand and acknowledge that I will be required to wear a face covering at all times while at Whiteface other than when I am actively skiing. All participants are required to wear a face covering that fully covers their nose and mouth.

NOTICE: Skiers and snowboarders are governed by the New York State General Obligations Law, Article 18 and 12 NYCRR Part 54, “Safety in Skiing Code.” Before participation, your attention is directed to the posted “Warning To Skiers” which is displayed at the base of all lifts. New York Law requires you to seek out, read, review and understand the “Warning To Skiers” before deciding to participate in the sport of skiing.

WARNING TO SKIERS: I understand uphill and downhill skiing and snowboarding involve numerous risks, including, but not limited to, the risks posed by variations in terrain and snow conditions, surface and subsurface snow conditions, icy or firm snow, unmarked obstacles, thin snow cover, bare spots, bumps, moguls, stumps, forest growth and debris, erosion control devices, rocks, cliffs, steep terrain, deep snow, avalanches and other hazards. I also understand skiing and snowboarding involve risks posed by loss of balance, loss of control, falling, sliding, collisions with other skiers or snowboarders and collisions with natural and man-made objects, including trees, rocks, fences, posts, lift towers, snow making equipment, snowmobiles and other over-snow vehicles; and other participants. I further agree that all of these risks and dangers are necessary to the sports of skiing and snowboarding. New York Law imposes a duty on me to become apprised of, and understand, the risks inherent in the sport of skiing, which are set forth above, so that I can make an informed decision whether to participate in skiing notwithstanding the risks. New York law also imposes additional duties upon me, to which I must adhere, for the purpose of avoiding injury caused by any of the risks inherent in skiing.

ASSUMPTION OF RISK: I have read and understand the NOTICE above. I have read, reviewed and understand the WARNING TO SKIERS printed above. In signing this document, I signify that I am aware of and understand the risks inherent in the sport of alpine skiing and snowboarding and that I am accountable for my action as set forth on the WARNING TO SKIERS signs. I agree to observe, read, and abide by any and all notices as may be posted at Whiteface Mountain which may pertain to my responsibilities as a skier or snowboarder.

Uphill Pricing & Passes

The Uphill Program has now closed for the 2020/21 Season, and the following items are no longer available for purchase.

Whiteface Uphill Season Pass:  $129 ($59 for 2020/21 Season Passholders)

Uphill Passes can be purchased in-person at the main ticket window in the Base Lodge during normal business hours beginning January 1 and on.

Whiteface Uphill Day Pass: Available online only for $29 per day (date-specific ticket)