This spring and continuing into summer, we are busy with improvements at Whiteface Mountain. We’ve had a lot of success the past couple of years with our summer projects, and we continue to take full advantage of our short construction schedule.

We have moved into our Cloudsplitter Gondola phase two project, replacing the low voltage system, which will complete a total renovation. Next up, the Face Lift is getting a complete update this summer, including a new motor, new drive, and new communication lines.

Our most significant projects are our snowmaking improvements and Legacy Lodge construction. The Legacy Lodge construction entered phase two this spring. Work has started on both kitchens and the cafe area, installing all the finishes and fixtures and finalizing the downstairs level, complete with patio and fire pit. Legacy Lodge will be fully operational for the 2021/22 winter season.

Last summer, we started out with a complete upgrade of our main pump house. Getting water to the summit of Whiteface is no easy feat and Pump House One is where everything starts, bringing water from the river and sending it up the mountain. To keep the water pressure up the mountain, we operate five pump houses. The water comes out of the Ausable River at Pump House One and is sent up to Pump House Two. Pump House Two will use 6 new motors to increase the water pressure, then send it up to brand new pumps, motors, and lines at Pump Houses Three, Four, and Five. This project also includes replacing tens of thousands of feet of snowmaking pipeline.

Our end goal is to increase the pressure going up the mountain, utilize more efficient LowE guns, and substantially increase the amount of water we move up the mountain above the Legacy Lodge. With these new upgrades, we will be able to double our water flow up Whiteface to 6000 gallons. Make more snow faster and more efficiently, get more of the mountain open earlier, and reduce the number of hours it takes to do it.

With all that said, we can’t wait for the 2021/22 winter season. We’ll see you on the slopes!