Snowmaking at sunrise

It doesn’t matter who you are, or how experienced you are, carving your skis or board through freshly groomed snow is one of the purest, simplest pleasures known to modern man. At Whiteface Mountain, we take our snowmaking seriously, and our armada of groomers ply their trade through the coldest, darkest nights of winter to ensure that, by dawn, conditions are at their peak on our 90 trails.






Night time snowmakers


  1. Grooming creates consistent conditions. While we hope that Mother Nature will be generous in natural pow inches, we know that she can tend to be a bit fickle. This means that proper snowmaking and grooming is an ace-in-the-hole for alpine ski resorts across the Northeast, including the home of the greatest vertical east of the Rockies, a.k.a. Whiteface Mountain!
  2. At Whiteface, our groomers go through intensive training, learning how to groom the hill to perfection, winch our snow cats on pitches that prove challenging for even the most decorated ski racers, and interpret what’s each week’s weather report means for snowmaking.
  3. Terrain parks wouldn’t exist without it. Grooming snow is about more than moving piles of freshly fallen or man-made snow across the mountain. Grooming re-contours slopes, builds park features, creates seamless transitions between jumps and trails, and takes customer feedback into consideration. It makes the mountain safer, more fun, and more GoPro-worthy.